Bio-bibliometric Analysis of Literature Output of Prof. M. Lakshmanan in the Subject of Nonlinear Dynamics



The present study explores a bio-bibliometric analysis of the publication productivity, authorship pattern, channels of communication and journal preference of Professor M. Lakshmanan in the field of nonlinear dynamics in the Bharathidasan University, Trichirapalli, India from1972 to 2011 as per the Scopus Database. During this period M. Lakshmanan has published 225 research articles in various channels of communications. The year 2009 has been the most productive year in his research career wherein he has published 20 research articles. His articles have been scattered in 46 high impact factor scientific journals. Collaboration coefficient is between 0.9 and 1.0. Journal of Mathematical Physics has been the most preferred journal for publishing his research findings (26 research articles).


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